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Pupil Pass

Izzy Hammond. Daughter of grand tour star Mindy & Richard Hammond

Pupil Pass

1st time pass by Hyginus from youthcomm radio station

Pupil Pass

Great 1st time pass by Georgia

Pupil Pass

1st time pass by Euan

Pupil Pass

Excellent 1st time pass by Nathaniel

Pupil Pass

Great drive by Jenna

Pupil Pass

Sublime 1st time pass by Aaron Loveridge

Pupil Pass

1st time pass by Rafi

Pupil Pass

1st time pass by max - exquisite performance

Pupil Pass

Amazing 1st time pass by Luke Ramsey

Pupil Pass

Kaitlyn 1st time pass

Pupil Pass

Great 1st time pass by

Pupil Pass

Excellent 1st time pass by Joe

Pupil Pass

1st time passĀ 

Pupil Pass

William 1st time pass


Pupil Pass

Olly 1st time pass


Pupil Pass

Great performance for a 1st time passĀ 

Pupil Pass

Great drive by josh flannagan

Pupil Pass

Leonie - 1st time pass

Pupil Pass

Great 1st time pass by Alfie

Pupil Pass

Outstanding 1st time pass by jack

Pupil Pass

1st time pass by Harry

Pupil Pass

Wesley 1st time pass


Pupil Pass

Wonderful ability by Alfred for a 1st time pass

Pupil Pass

1st time pass

Pupil Pass

Excellent performance by Ryan for a 1st time pass

Pupil Pass

Great drive - 1st time pass by Marlena

Pupil Pass

Spencer drove fantastically for a 1st time pass

Great instructor, really encouraging and reassuring. Talks and walks you through everything. Would really recommend!

Lewis Baker

Great instructor, after a few lessons have already learned a lot and gained much confidence with my driving. Lessons are structured and help with retaining information and muscle memory. Will definitely recommend.

Sheryl Lopez

Faraz is a great instructor, he gives detailed information. The lessons are structured in a very efficient way. I truly recommend him.

Simona Elena Florea

Faraz is an amazing instructor, he explains things perfectly and his encouragements gave me confidence and whenever I panicked he was always there to reassure me and assist me, 10/10 instructor

Queeneth Gwatidzo

Passed first time with Faraz and he made all the lessons fun and laid back. Recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive quickly and safely Thank you Faraz !!

Sacha Lazenby

First time pass! I went through a process of assessments and re-assessments on all the categories that could come up on the test. This helped me fix all my faults I had and enabled me to achieve a first time pass. Would recommend!

Jacob Moseley

I’ve progress a lot quicker than I thought I would in minimal lessons, as I’ve had no previous driving experience. Great teaching approach which has enabled me to grow in confidence as a new driver.

Rebecca Allport

Great instructor, who has what it takes to make me a first time pass. Had my first practical class today and was amazed at how much I had learnt within a short period. I will recommend Faraz to anyone. Keep up the good work

Timi Abam

Before having driving lesson with Faraz I wasn’t bothered about driving and quite nervous about it but he makes it fun and enjoyable and focuses on improving my confidence and making sure I’m comfortable with certain things we are learning before we attempt them, I highly recommend him and can’t wait to get on the road!

Natasha Mitchell

Thank you so much for a amazing first time ever driving ! Can’t believe the amount I retained in our short session today ,can’t wait for my next driving lesson as I already feel so much more confident ! Faraz is amazing teacher highly recommend with his friendly calm well structured approach I felt very comfortable behind the wheel and able to learn at a much quicker rate than I would of else where .

Lucy Jones

I had my first lesson with Faraz last weekend with his clear instructing and direct approach through his lesson plans, he has already given me so much confidence in myself as a driver. Looking forward to my next lesson!

Ella Steer

Great first lesson with Faraz last week, now doing my homework for the next one. He's very good at keeping you calm when you get started moving the car. Thanks Faraz!

Joseph Alexander Smith

4hrs into a 30hrs course with Faraz. He is a very good instructor, he has a calm and professional approach to teaching.

Fraser Hallam

Had my first lesson with Faraz today, fantastic instructor and a brilliant lesson - far exceeded my expectations - looking forward to the rest of my driving course!

Melanie LeRoy

Mr Faraz Kayani is best instructor. I took just 4 lesson with him .The way he teaches is absolutely outstanding. We will have a best result soon. Thank you!

Anil Rai

Amazing instructor, have only had a couple lessons and already progressed so much. I really recommend if you are looking to start driving, Faraz is a top bloke and each lesson feels like you are chilling with a mate which instantly creates a relaxed vibe to learn.

ED Hendry-Galbraith

Great driving instructor, lessons are straight to the point allowing you to progress much faster than with other driving schools/instructors. Cannot recommend enough.

Joe Phee

great driving instructor good value for money and getting more confidence driving again

Elishia Kyte

Professional, reliable and friendly. My whole experience learning to drive with Faraz has been fantastic. The support I received was top quality, I can’t recommend him enough.”

Agnieszka Millward-Liwoch

Had my first lesson today with Faraz and with other instructors I have felt quite nervous, but felt completely at ease with Faraz. The lesson progress quickly and I feel I will be going for my test in no time,straight to the point and no time wasting would highly recommend Faraz to anyone wanting to learn how to drive

Aprilouise Rushford

Just had my first 2 hours driving lesson with faraz. I'm impressed learnt so much can't wait for the next lesson he makes you feel so relaxed and like you you known him for ages fantastic driving instructor definitely highly recommend Faraz Kayani 100%

Kelly Jones